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What is On-Farm Research?

Marking 50 years since we landed on the moon. Saturday 17th August. A dog fest at Easton Farm Park - please note that dogs will need to be on leads.

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Events and activities at Easton Farm Park. Dinosaur Day.

Magic Monday. Maverick Festival. Circus Weekend. Superhero day.

Halloween Fun. Suffolk Day.


What’s on at the farm

Tractor Day. Fairies on the farm. Art in the Barn. Black Friday Event. Off with the wool. Magical Unicorn Weekend. Space Day. Farming in this complex and constantly changing environment raises a host of questions and problems as each day and each season bring new challenges.

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As a result, farmers and ranchers are always exploring new ideas and ways of doing things. In response to a problem or some new bit of information, you experiment with new techniques, tweak your production system, observe the results and draw a conclusion: It worked well, it did not work or you did not see any difference. As you look into new practices, you need a way of knowing if the effects that you observe in crop yield or quality, in increased soil organic matter, or in water infiltration are a result of the natural variation that occurs within the farm system, or whether they are truly a result of changing practices.

Just as university researchers try to control natural variability in small-plot or greenhouse experiments, you will use on-farm research to help you sort out specific questions and arrive at definitive conclusions.

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  8. On-farm research takes your role as a researcher to a whole new level. This last point—the use of statistics—distinguishes on-farm research from on-farm demonstrations or variety plots. On-farm research identifies and validates answers to a specific research question.

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    Bring a book and settle down for a good read in the spectacular library at Wimpole. Share: Twitter Facebook Pinterest Email. Try your hand at milking our buckets James Dobson. November Weekday Winter Basement Tours Learn about life below stairs on a guided tour of the servants areas in the Hall.

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    Behind the Scenes at Home Farm Work on the Farm never stops - meet our Farm teams hard at work over the winter months, looking after our animals and getting everything ready for the new year. Wimpole's Wednesday Walk Join us for a different walk each week, showing off some of the best views, woodland paths and secret seats in and around Wimpole's parkland. November Weekend Butler Basement Tour Learn about the Butler's life below stairs on a short guided tour of the servants areas in the Hall.