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In order to maintain control over the occupied territory, Indonesian military forces detained, tortured, executed, and forcibly disappeared tens of thousands of Timorese. Social, political or religious activities in Timor-Leste that challenged the illegal Indonesian rule were ruthlessly repressed. In the first year of the occupation alone, an estimated 60,, Timorese were killed. By , an estimated , Timorese—nearly half the population—had been uprooted, many of them resettled into camps controlled by Indonesian forces.

Torture Truth and Justice the Case of Timor Leste

Amnesty International estimates that , Timorese died from military action, starvation or disease from , out of a pre-invasion population of , Although armed resistance to the occupation was more or less quelled by , the Timorese population was still subjected to 20 more years of extrajudicial killing, torture, detention, and starvation.

Throughout the s and s, human rights groups documented massacres, disappearances, and systematic violence against women. In May , Suharto resigned after 30 years of rule. On January 27, , the new Indonesian President, B.

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Habibie, announced that the people of Timor-Leste would be allowed to determine their political status in a referendum conducted by the United Nations. In the countdown to the referendum, the Indonesian military and its militias escalated a campaign of intimidation against the population of Timor-Leste, driving tens of thousands of people from their villages, assaulting pro-independence activists, and conducting several massacres.

On August 30, , an estimated During the five days of the U. Within hours, pro-Indonesian paramilitaries attacked the capital of Dili. New Releases.

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Free delivery worldwide. Description This book highlights how, and why, torture is such a compelling tool for states and other powerful actors. While torture has a short-term use value for perpetrators, it also creates a devastating legacy for victims, their families and communities. The author investigates the extent to which transitional justice institutions have provided justice for torture victims; illustrating how truth commissions and international courts operate together and reflecting on their successes and weaknesses with reference to wider social, political and economic conditions.

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  6. Stanley also details victims' experiences of torture and highlights how they experience life in the newly built state of Timor-Leste Tracking the past, present and future of human rights, truth and justice for victims in Timor-Leste, Torture, Truth and Justice will be of interest to students, professionals and scholars of Asian studies, International Studies, Human Rights and Social Policy.

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    IHL recognizes that there is a tension between military objectives and humanitarian considerations. Those who abhor war or have no experience of it may not pay attention to the military's need to achieve its objectives. By contrast, military planners may not pay attention to humanitarian considerations. IHL tries to balance military objectives and humanitarian considerations. War crimes are serious violations of the laws and customs of armed conflict. War crimes are "grave breaches" of the Geneva Conventions, which were adopted in after the horrors of World War Two:. The law of war crimes is addressed to individuals.

    Violations of war crimes law can result in imprisonment, not compensation. The first Geneva Convention protects wounded and sick soldiers on land during war. The second Geneva Convention protects wounded, sick and shipwrecked military personnel at sea during war. The third Geneva Convention protects prisoners of war. The fourth Geneva Convention protects civilians, including in occupied territory. Traditionally, war crimes law has applied in international armed conflicts only. During the negotiations to the four Geneva Conventions, many states opposed their application to internal armed conflicts, preferring to deal with 'internal matters' such as rebellions without external interference.

    However, they agreed to include in each of the four conventions an article containing standards of behaviour in internal armed conflicts. This is Article 3.