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Make sure there is low lighting and great music or some other subtle sound track. Garish lighting and deadly silence are not always the sexist ambience, at least for the first time. A lift, a restaurant. A riding stable.

An art gallery. And to keep us on our toes, you can also later on play with the dynamic, too. Have the meek heroine take the lead, for once.

The Do's And Dont's Of Writing Erotic Fiction

See how the hero responds to that. Build up sensuously to the physical act with suggestive conversation which will either be blatant and in your face, or playful, teasing, even holding back. Have them eating, drinking, dancing, singing, involve us in that experience, then show us their clothes, how well they fit, are they too formal or tight, how good does it feel as they come off? Unbuttoning cut-off jeans can be just as sexy as unzipping a ball gown. Make it tense, passionate, breathless, but …. In real life the first time you have sex with someone new is often urgently desired but ends up fast and disastrous, but this is fantasy!

So although there can be some hesitation, shyness and teasing, ultimately everyone, reader included, needs to be on tenterhooks to get their hands on each other. To get down to it. Restless, like scratching an itch.

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Salivating, like the desperation to drink cold water in the desert. Structure your scene like the sex act. That is, foreplay, action, climax, wind down. Too obvious? You might think so, until you start writing the scene. Think of the foreplay as the aforementioned setting.

The removal of clothes, the first sensation of skin on skin starts the action rolling in the obvious direction. If it helps, think of a movie scene. As for the climax, well, no beating about the bush, is there? This is when the glorious pinnacle of where we all want to be is reached, and tread carefully here with the language see below. Challenge yourself to find different ways of describing that rush of ecstasy. Avoid waterfalls, avalanches, orchestras! What actions or words stimulate the eventual moment?

Slightly unrealistically erotic couples tend to come together every time but if you want to be more realistic, let one come before the other and show who is the generous one, who the thoughtful, who the selfish one? Or are they both equally considerate, and if not, will they become so as the novel progresses. Finally, the wind down is often the hardest.

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After the shivering and shuddering, do they fall asleep, or analyse, or do it all over again? I often have a knock at the door, or a phone call after the act, so that in the early days the couple are never at leisure totally to relax or take each other for granted until the next drama occurs. Make it dramatic, but human. Not impossibly athletic, but not mundane either. The men have got to be strong and well hung and very experienced.

The women curvacious, soft and wonderfully proportioned, and if not experienced, then primed and ready to learn. If this is a romantic setting, lots of kissing and stroking, exploration. If this is more down the BDSM route, then the participants will get their kicks from spanking, binding, and pain. But there is always room for sensuousness and tenderness. Keep it simple, punchy, evocative, but not obscene or anatomical. I have written a trilogy where those words are only uttered in the words of a character who should know better — not the narrator, or the main characters themselves.

Believe me, you have to use your powers of evocation very carefully to avoid sounding awkward or coy. Next try to get into a rhythm similar to the rhythm of sex. Slow, slow, quick slow. Like a dance. Why else to you think dancing was considered so daring in the old days?

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  4. It was the nearest people could get to each other in public. And have you ever seen sex better choregraphed than in the Argentine tango?

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    Hope that helped. Go write a great book — and have a wonderful time doing it! Make the hardest part of writing easier. Agent submission builder Get an agent in one hour. Indie marketing masterclass A self-publishing essential. How to write a novel Your free, expert tutorials. Of all the stigmas to overcome, this is the biggest one for most indie writers.

    Benefit 4: Learn to Tolerate Dumb Reviews. Dumb reviews are inevitable in this business. It happens. Horrible smut! Nothing like sex to put on full display just how crazy some people can be.

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    The sooner you can learn to stop caring about the one-star reviews of the world, the better your whole life will be. Benefit 5: Explore sexuality and power dynamics. You may be a woman who likes the fantasy of being with four men at once. And so on. One thing my high school English teacher did tell me that I still believe today is that all literature is about sex.

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    There are some damn good writers whose only desire is to continue writing erotica, and we need those people to keep doing it because there are a lot of readers who want it. Just like there are a lot of readers who want high-quality sci-fi or horror or humor. Get yours. And if you want to be a professional fiction writer, you have to take your lessons wherever you can get them. So I dropped it and went full force into writing the Jessica Christ series, which was what had been on my heart and mind for a while.

    And would you believe it? On top of that, I was able to publish the first books of the series at lightning speed and for cheap I designed the covers and formatted them myself. And when the super dumb reviews came a-rolling in, I knew how to laugh them off. Just kidding. Sign in. Get started. Claire Taylor Follow.

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