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Even prompting a rape attempt from one of the villains. Pretty much all of the revenants brought back by The Crow retain the attractiveness that they had in life. The movie Camille is about a girl who becomes a Revenant Zombie after her death, and wins the heart of her husband who originally married her only for personal profit reasons.

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Tammy in Fido , although she's kept like that deliberately by his owner, in a world where zombies are kept as slaves, you can imagine why. One of the DVD extras in Dawn of the Dead is an in-universe news broadcast containing, among other things, a video of some high schoolers taunting a young female zombie wearing nothing but a football helmet and Black Bra and Panties. One of the guys can be heard saying " look at those melons " and that "she is the hottest girl in the school.

The female leads in Death Becomes Her played by Meryl Streep and Goldie Hawn may not technically be zombies , but they're pretty close: they've taken an immortality potion and then suffered a mortal wound. Their bodies are no longer living so they can't heal from any damage they take , but the potion won't let them actually die.

At least initially they're still reasonably attractive, though by the end of the movie they've had to resort to extensive use of cosmetics and despite having had a long time to practice they're not very good at it. The main characters are Zed, a zombie , and Addison, a human , who are a couple. Shurq Elalle from Malazan Book of the Fallen really loves to seduce living males. She seems to cherish her undead state mainly because it keeps her from aging and losing her good looks and repeatedly refuses the possibility of resurrection.

The undead girl Tuanne from Conan the Defiant , one of the Conan the Barbarian novels; Conan even has a brief intercourse with her. In American Gods , the protagonist's wife Laura is resurrected as this; unfortunately, as the months pass, she rots severely, even despite the embalming. They also share an intercourse. The Revenant Zombies from Amy Plum's Revenant series are all quite attractive, and the heroine has a romance with one of them, namely Vincent.

At the end, she becomes a zombie herself. In Dead City , many zombies look like ordinary humans, and can pull off an attractive look. Type I zombies are also Friendly Zombies : they retain their human personality and just want to live normal lives. The zombie princesses from Once Upon A Zombie series retain their good looks in spite of being turned into undead beings. Sally from The Demon Collector by Jon Mayhew is a quite attractive revenant girl; there is no romance between her and the protagonist, but they establish a friendship.

Generally, "zombie romance" seems to be a growing trend in the paranormal genre. In , the Night Wolf Press publishing house put out a call for submissions in this genre stating: "Ain't no lovin' like undead lovin' - it applies to more than vampires". Undead in the Dan Shamble, Zombie P. A trio of zombie "cougars" flirt quite aggressively with a living cosmetics salesman in the first novel, and the second openly acknowledges that the Full Moon Brothel's zombie prostitutes are a major revenue source.

Dan himself is implied to be pretty handsome for a zombie, occasionally having to turn down passes from female Unnaturals. Unlike most zombies who decay naturally, Ayumi injects herself with preservatives, so she looks identical to a human save for stitches all over her body. The Returned of Warbreaker are humans who were returned to life by the Divine Breath, and must devour one soul a week to stay alive. They also possess Humanshifting powers, which most of them use to take on whatever particular form of ideal beauty they desire.

In Undead Girl Gang by Lily Anderson, the three undead girls Riley, June, and Dayton, brought back to life by a Wiccan spell, remain as attractive as they were in life. Senese, the main character's girlfriend Sharon is a beautiful and intelligent zombie woman who passes as human. Jane Stitch from Wolfman Confidential is also this, though she's a Frankenstein's Monster rather than a zombie. Live-Action TV. On iZombie , zombies in general as long as they're able to eat enough brains to sustain themselves look like ordinary people with pale skin and hair.

Most choose to disguise themselves with cosmetics. Liv doesn't, but once she gets over being a zombie, it hasn't really affected her dating life beyond having to take extra precautions to prevent infecting human partners, although she mostly dates other zombies ; one of her boyfriends tells her she pulls off the zombie look. In Pushing Daisies , the protagonist magically brings his dead girlfriend back to life; she remains as beautiful as she was in life, but it is strongly implied that she's now a Revenant Zombie rather than human she doesn't age, calls herself "dead" on several occasions, and is referred to as "dead girl" by several other characters.

As the Orphnochs of Kamen Rider are zombies specifically the Revenant Zombie kind by their very nature, every single one counts, though that's due to being able to alternate between their human and monster appearances. Especially true of the main Orphnoch cast, including the titular Rider and hero himself. Series 9 of Doctor Who ends with companion Clara Oswald Killed Off for Real , but she receives a temporary delay in her death which renders her technically undead with no life functions, though with her personality and soul still intact.

The second from Rand Bergeron, a businessman who made his fortune selling machines that whisk users into virtual reality sex dreams. And the third from pretty much everyone else. The Ghoul Archipelago follows the mad power struggle between Sonntag, Rand, and a lunatic politician not that Sonntag and Rand aren't lunatics as well. Sailing through the South Pacific, Martigan and company combat pirates, ghouls, and each other in an effort to survive. If the above plot description sounds a bit windy, that's because the book itself is anything but another straightforward "oh no, the dead are rising" zombie novel.

At first glance, it's a tale of horror that delights in shocking its audience.

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Look past the worm-filled eye sockets and limb-tearing scenes, and you'll see a clever sci-fi political satire. Now, admittedly, doing so is very, very hard, especially if you're squeamish like me. I know the author full disclosure: Kozeniewski's Braineater Jones is published by Red Adept, who's also my publisher for the Jane Colt novels , and as I was reading Ghoul, I found myself regularly Facebook messaging him to let him know just how traumatized I was. Why, Steve, why? That's gross! Steve, what's wrong with you?! Did that really just happen? There's an image I'll never get out of my head Hey, that's interesting I need a drink Just when you think you've seen it all, he thrusts another scream-inducing, lunch-losing piece of madness in your face.

After I post this, I'm going to message Steve again, this time asking what I did to deserve this trauma. Steve, whatever I did, I'm sorry!


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Moving on from all that If the fabric of Ghoul is a worm-eaten, bloodstained black sheath, Kozeniewski's unique, tongue-in-cheek writing style is the glitter sprinkled across it. Even the most violent scenes of horror aren't without their witty quips and snappy comebacks. And he bestows each of the book's many characters with sharp dialogue that rings true. This book really comes to life on the page, which could be why I required hours of cat therapy after reading it Ghoul is not for the faint of heart, but if you enjoy the dark and twisted, then I recommend you give this book a try.

If virtual reality is film's next big thing, how long will it take to get right?

I am the original author of this essay, as well as the owner of CCLaP; it is not being reprinted illegally. So as such, what you think of Kozeniewski's take on it will depend entirely on what you think of people continuing to write in this genre to begin with; for while it's certainly well done, make no mistake, there's nothing really in The Ghoul Archipelago that you can't get by reading World War Z instead, which means you should only read the former if you're already a fan of this genre and don't mind books that essentially say the same thing all over again.

That's not necessarily a pan of this competent and well-written novel -- after all, the very bread and butter of most genre fans is essentially the act of reading the same general story over and over again, which is the whole point it's called "genre literature" to begin with -- just that you shouldn't pick up The Ghoul Archipelago thinking you're going to get anything particularly groundbreaking, and especially if you're like me and don't particularly care for zombies as a genre trope to begin with.

It should all be kept in mind when deciding whether to pick up a copy yourself or not. Out of 8. This is definitely not your typical post-apocalyptic zombie novel. This was uniquely and intelligently well written. It is obvious from the beginning that the author has truly put a great deal of effort into developing, designing and portraying his characters. The beginning of the novel was a slight struggle at moments just because of the amount of characters that are introduced and sometimes I felt as though I had a difficult time keeping them and their story line straight.

However, as the stor This is definitely not your typical post-apocalyptic zombie novel. However, as the story progresses, this became much easier and then Kozeniewski shows us how all of their lives intertwine. This novel stands apart from other zombie novels as it incorporates pirates, thieves, native islanders, royalty, capitalism, military, religion, drug dealers and some virtual porn.

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The story and characters do not focus on killing zombies so much as they focus on their lives and how to continue on about life as usual while avoiding as many of the undead creatures as they can. It is quite interesting the creative ways that the author portrayed his characters using the zombies and even the 'shell' of the undead creature. I was thoroughly impressed reading about the pirate ship and the cargo that they were carrying.

Not only is this book intellectually well written, it also has a great deal of gore and horror. Each set of characters either enacted the horror or had to deal with the gore and the horror, or both. I really appreciated the religious aspect that was designed in this story.

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It sure put an interesting spin on this novel, particularly when it came to the baptisms. The ending was superb and I would certainly recommend this story to any zombie fans, especially those looking for something that is different from the norm. The Ghoul Archipelago is a breath of fresh air to people like me who are pretty sick of zombies. Martigan is the captain of a freighter sailing through the South Pacific in a post-apocalyptic world caused by zombies, where the mainland is all but taken over.

Martigan and his crew are fighting a losing battle between ghouls, pirates and a whole host of bizarre characters vying to take control of the islands. There's Sonntag the ex-prison priest, a businessman who has developed a sex-dream machine, a presidential politician, and the captain, all at the forefront of this bloody, bizarre, battle which I mostly enjoyed but came away feeling a bit 'huhhhhhh? I also felt like the pacing was off in places, making it seem a lot longer than its pages. But that being said, I can't fault Kozeniewski's vision.

It has some great moments of pure horror and thrilling action, making it one hell of a ride, even if I had no idea where I was being taken. Kozeniewski has a way of sucking you in; his writing is effortless and intriguing, mixing gory grossness with his trademark wit. He put me on the ship and it was sink or swim! I think I just about found my sea legs by the end of it This was a weird one for me.

I looked at the cover and shuddered and was like um no way am I going to read this book.