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The Ring of Fire is one of the most geologically active areas on Earth, and is a site for frequent earthquakes and powerful volcanic eruptions. There are more than active and dormant volcanoes located within the Ring of Fire. Many of these volcanoes were created through the tectonic process of subduction whereby dense ocean plates collide with and slide under lighter continental plates. Many volcanoes on Earth are located around the Pacific Ring of Fire. Image Credit: U. Geological Survey. Noteworthy volcanoes that dot the Ring of Fire include Mount St.

Ring of Fire

Image of an oceanic plate being subducted under a continental plate. Deep ocean trenches are a common feature of the Ring of Fire.

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These trenches form along subduction zones where slabs of the ocean floor slide into the Earth. These earthquakes are caused by the sudden lateral or vertical movement of rock along plate margins.

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The downgoing plate is always the oceanic one. All while it was oceanic plate it collected water-saturated sediments and its uppermost few hundred meters got water saturated also. As it is shoved into the hotter mantle the plate heats up and all this water and other volatiles boil off and migrate upwards through the overlying plate.

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  6. The addition of volatiles such as water to the hot overlying mantle causes partial melting and the production of magma. This magma rises up through the over-lying plate to erupt at the surface. If the overlying plate is a continent, you get a chain of volcanoes such as the Andes or Cascades. New Zealand.

    What and Where is the Ring of Fire?

    Devastated parts of Aoba Ambae years ago; island was evacuated in Coral Sea. Solomon Islands. Papua New Guinea. Port Moresby. Timor-leste East Timor.

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    New Guinea. Guam U.

    Kua la Lum pur. Phnom Penh. Kuala Lumpur. Mariana Islands. Ba ngkok. Hong Kong. S eoul. Petropavlovsk Kamchatskiy. Bering Sea. ALAska U. Portl and. Past mudflows massive enough to devastate newly populated areas nearby. San Francisco. San Diego. Los Angeles. Mex ico City. Mexico City. Has threatened nearby Mexico City with repeated eruptions since Gulf of Mexico.

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    B elmopan. Guatemala City. San Salvador. Teguc igalpa. Pyroclastic flows killed more than a hundred people in P anama City. Panama City. Qu ito.