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We advice each institution to have their own credentials evaluator make the final decision regrading course levels. Learning Outcomes Understand the fundamentals of mechanical vibrations and how mechanical vibrations affect design.

Develop expressions for and calculate the natural frequencies of components using Newton's second law and energy methods. Derive theoretical models for the response of a system undergoing mechanical vibrations for undamped, under-damped, critically damped and over-damped systems.

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Investigate system stability and design components to operate away from natural frequencies. Determine the response of a system subjected to harmonically excited vibrations and general forcing conditions. Evaluation of the system response to mechanical vibrations using Laplace transforms to derive the response of a system. The purpose is, based on meeting the requirement of accuracy, to quickly conduct finite element dynamic analysis of the structure in the early payload structural design and provide a reference for the optimized design of spacecraft structure. Abstract: The main objective of this work is to present a reverse task of the dynamics of discrete vibratory mechanical systems.

This task is reverse to analysis and is called structural and parametric synthesis.

follow url As a result of performing the synthesis one obtains a structure and values of individual parameters of the system of required properties. Such properties refer to the determination of individual frequencies of the system vibration.

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Synthesis is divided into two stages. The first stage consists in definition of the structure as well as the values of parameters of a passive system without vibration reduction. In the second phase, one selects a method of vibration reduction as well as system structure and parameters with vibration-reducing elements. In case of already-existing systems, the first stage consists in the identification of the system and its analysis. There are no changes in the second stage Figure 1 [. Another objective of this work is to use mechanical elements in the form of kinematic excitations as the implementation of active reduction of vibration as well as to check the influence of this subsystem on the basic system.

The application of the synthesis presented in this work enables the correction of the already-existing machines and devices as well as the modification of newly-created systems with the view of their future functioning. Authors: Andrzej Buchacz. Abstract: Studying the diagrams of characteristics of complex subsystem of mechatronic one it has been determined that in case of approximate method the resonance frequencies cover with those which have been determined with exact method.

However the values of the characteristic in other areas are different.

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Therefore there is the mistake of approximate method, which in case of studying the single systems does not have any influence because in resonance areas the characteristic values of the system approach to the infinity. However the difference in values of flexibility within two methods has the great influence on the result of complex systems.

The main subject of deliberation was to determine the flexibility of the complex system with constant cross section using the exact and approximate that means Galerkin's method. One case of attachment the complex system that means free torsional vibrating bar were examined. That why it was necessary to correct the results of approximate method.


The problems presented in this paper, that means the analysis of subsystem of mechatronic and mechanical complex systems is however the introduction to the synthesis of torsional vibrating mechatronic systems with assumed frequency spectrum. Added To Cart. To Shop To Cart.