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They didn't ultimately make any serious money, because of the high expenses and the deal he'd put them on - but they had a wild time! Because the entertainment industry in Japan is fucked. For a variety of reasons, ALL cds sold at retail stores are sold at a government-regulated price. It is illegal to sell them for less. This means that if foreign labels want Japanese retailers to carry their product, they have to give them something that merits the higher price. If the content was identical to the foreign import, there wouldn't be any reason for the consumer to buy the domestic version at the artificially inflated price point and thus no reason for retailers to bother carrying the product.

The system, established in , allows owners of copyrighted material to set the minimum retail price of newly released or re-released products , thus eliminating any possiblilty of discounting. It's not the artists making it, it's the Japanese importer. Japanese consumers have historically preferred album booklets and ancillary materials to be in Japanese, and this necessitates a special run of albums, which is usually paid for by Japanese distributors. Ebooks and Manuals

The distributor occasionally commissions translations and new art or adjusted art , where appropriate. Those distributors always add the "Obi", that paper sleeve on the left-hand side of the disc's case unique to Japanese releases. All of these things drive up the price of the album, though, since distributors want to make a cut for the service they provide.

To help offset this, and to keep Japanese consumers paying higher prices for localized albums rather than just buying the import in its original language , distributors often negotiate the addition of "B-side" tracks to help add some value.

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Many artists today are happy to include them, since recording sessions almost always produce more material than is fit for an album, and since it has become a tradition to put B-sides on Japanese discs. Because of this system, and because the Japanese market is very unique, sales of physical media in Japan have not been affected by the internet to nearly the degree that they have been in the rest of the world.

manejimentobuidaiyonsyuu japanese edition Manual

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ELI5:Why do some artists make Japanese edition of their albums? Continue this thread. Why not just make cheaper cds? And why is it sold so cheaply? What band? Obi Had to google for this. Here are some examples. More posts from the explainlikeimfive community. Jul 28, Cake Day. Related videos. Shedding new light upon issues of global diversity, this documentary focuses on the extent to which a "fairness fetish" has permeated various levels of Indian society. Today in India fairness is a benchmark for beauty; marriages are decided on the basis of skin colour; and fair means "lucky" whereas dark….

Leaving home is what most of us do -- eventually. Ebooks and Manuals

It's different for Renu. Will she fulfill her dreams of leaving her village home to become a teacher in the big city? Most of India's 1. This documentary is about one of these villages, …. A Chinese Farm Wife gives us a peek into the life of Mrs. Li, a Taiwanese woman whose husband is a salaried factory worker.

Along with the help of her eldest daughter and her neighbors, she runs their 3-acre farm, cultivating crops of tobacco and rice.

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In addition to her…. Tongpan Green Planet Films. The British Film Institute calls Tongpan "One of the most important "third world" films of the decade. It is based on the real life experience of a farmer from the poverty-stricken Northeast region of Thailand. Tongpan and his family are forced off their land when a dam built nearby caused…. The film depicts the story of Filipino Overseas Workers who leave their home country to find work in another country.

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Many of them work as domestic helpers and are known to be called Modern Day Slaves. They earn a few dollars to support themselves and send the rest of their….

watch Between and the Japanese Government, on advice from its military, forcibly removed thousands of young women and girls from their homes to provide sexual services as "comfort women" to the Japanese Army. It spans five generations from a colonial life…. Kamala and Raji Documentary Educational Resources. A powerful and emotional documentary about Korean women forced into sexual servitude by the Japanese Imperial Army during World War II, Silence Broken dramatically combines the testimony of former comfort women who demand justice for the "crimes against humanity" committed against them, along with contravening interviews of Japanese soldiers, recruiters….

A travelogue across the breadth of Japan to explore the practice of modern day zen. We will take you from the bustle of rush-hour Tokyo to the tranquil mountains of Kyoto. From zen centers hidden among skyscrpaers to the zendo in a remote monastery. With unrestricted access, we will take….

The June Bride is not your ordinary bar. And former Yakuza mobster Tatsuya Shindo is about the furthest thing from your ordinary pastor. After Shindo falls into a life of crime and repeated imprisonment, he finds that religion is his ultimate ticket to redemption. So, Shindo cuts off his pinkie…. An informative documentary about contemporary urban life in the most technologically refined city in the world.

Cyber youth cultures have developed through the imaginative and novel use of technology in the various media: music, art, pop, manga and fashion. Underlying social, cultural and economic trends are examined such as Japan's…. On April 1, , American troops landed on Okinawa, beginning a…. Show more. Log in to your Kanopy account.