Manual Managing Water Resources: Past and Present: The Linacre Lectures 2002

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Integrated Water Resources Management

Advanced Onsite Wastewater Systems Technologies. Anish R. Jantrania Mark A. Electronics Fundamentals for the Water and Wastewater Maint Frank R.

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Managing Water Resources, Past and Present - Julie Trottier, Paul Slack - Oxford University Press

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Looks like you are currently in Finland but have requested a page in the United States site. Would you like to change to the United States site? Garrick Editor , Edmund C. Penning-Rowsell Editor , Jim W. Provides an in-depth look at science, policy and management in the water sector across the globe.

Sustainable water management is an increasingly complex challenge and policy priority facing global society.


This book examines how governments, municipalities, corporations, and individuals find sustainable water management pathways across competing priorities of water for ecosystems, food, energy, economic growth and human consumption. It looks at the current politics and economics behind the management of our freshwater ecosystems and infrastructure and offers insightful essays that help stimulate more intense and informed debate about the subject and its need for local and international cooperation.

Edited and written by some of the leading minds in the field, writing alongside alumni from the course, Water Science, Policy and Management: A Global Challenge offers in-depth chapters in three parts: Science; Policy; and Management. Topics cover: hydroclimatic extremes and climate change; the past, present, and future of groundwater resources; water quality modelling, monitoring, and management; and challenges for freshwater ecosystems.

Managing Water Resources, Past and Present

The book presents critical views on the monitoring and modelling of hydrological processes; the rural water policy in Africa and Asia; the political economy of wastewater in Europe; drought policy management and water allocation. It also examines the financing of water infrastructure; the value of wastewater; water resource planning; sustainable urban water supply and the human right to water.

Water Science, Policy and Management: A Global Challenge is an essential book for policy makers and government agencies involved in water management, and for undergraduate and postgraduate students studying water science, governance, and policy.