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Novels portal. Retrieved 6 October Publishers Weekly. Retrieved 19 August Comic Book Resources. Retrieved 17 August Marianne de Pierres. New York Times. Hollywood Reporter. Laurell K Hamilton. Monsters and Critics. Archived from the original on 29 January Archived from the original on 22 February St Louis Post-Dispatch.

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Tim Cain, the producer , lead programmer and one of the main designers of the computer game Fallout said,. This book was how a [sic] individual would handle thinking that he was the last survivor on Earth. This is why in Fallout 1 when you're voted to leave the Vault, we really wanted that sense of isolationism; that sense of: You are the only person out here on the Wasteland who is, quote, "a normal person", and we wanted you to feel, like, special in that way.

I Am Legend has been adapted into a feature-length film three times, as well as into a direct-to-video feature film called I Am Omega. Differing from the book, each of them portrays the Neville character as an accomplished scientist. The three adaptations show him finding a remedy and passing it on. Also adaptations are set in the near future, a few years after the film's release, while the novel is set 20 years after its publication date. It has also been adapted as the Spanish short student film Soy leyenda. In , Vincent Price starred as Dr.

Matheson wrote the original screenplay for this adaptation, but due to later rewrites did not wish his name to appear in the credits; as a result, Matheson is credited under the pseudonym "Logan Swanson".

In , a far different version was produced, titled The Omega Man. Matheson had no influence on the screenplay for this film, [25] and although the premise remains, it deviates from the novel in several ways, removing the infected people's vampiric characteristics, except their sensitivity to light. In this version, the infected are portrayed as nocturnal, black-robed, albino mutants, known as the Family. Though intelligent, they eschew modern technology, believing it and those who use it, such as Neville to be evil and the cause of humanity's downfall.

In , a third adaptation of the novel was produced, this time titled I Am Legend. In this version, the infection is caused by a virus originally intended to cure cancer. Some vampiric elements are retained, such as sensitivity to UV light and attraction to blood. The infected are portrayed as nocturnal, feral creatures of limited intelligence who hunt the uninfected with berserker -like rage.

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Other creatures, such as dogs, are also infected by the virus. The ending of the film was also altered to portray Neville as sacrificing his life to save humanity, rather than being executed for crimes against the surviving vampiric humans, although a deleted ending for the film was closer in spirit to the book. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Science fiction horror novel by Richard Matheson. Main article: The Last Man on Earth film.

Main article: The Omega Man. Main article: I Am Legend film. Novels portal. The New York Times : August 7, In Search of Wonder. Chicago: Advent. Retrieved Fordham Univ Press.

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Channel 4 Film. Because it was clearly not a Dial book. The night before the partial manuscript went out, Cronin and his wife discussed what would happen if nobody bought the novel. Two weeks later, Justin Cronin was a millionaire.

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There is a question that tends to come up around Cronin: Did he sell out? Still, the difference between a literary novel and a genre-oriented one is not usually of much consequence to readers — nor is it particularly apparent to most writers, who tend to see the same blank page no matter what kind of book they sit down to work on. View all New York Times newsletters. And a book they project to sell only 10, copies may not be worth their while.

By adding an element of the supernatural to a plot-heavy story about a young girl in search of her destiny, Cronin had drastically changed the commercial potential of his novel. In publishing, vampires are tights and a cape.

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Then the novel moves forward again, into a future where the primary menace has morphed from monster to man: survivors must contend not just with murderous vampires but also with a cultlike society called the Homeland, in which a small, venal ruling class presides over a colony of terrified workers in the vicinity of what used to be Iowa. One thrill of writing the first two books of his trilogy, Cronin found, was the chance to delve into another, less palatable side of himself. And indeed, I am a warmhearted and thoroughly domestic man who gets up and makes pancakes for his children and kisses them on the head when he sends them off to their day.

But they are delicate books, written in a tone that can feel no louder than a whisper. For instance, a billion civilians might die in his new book. Cronin still lives in Houston but spends his summers with his wife, Leslie, and their two children, Iris and Atticus, who is 9, on Cape Cod , where in he bought a charmingly creaky home.

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  7. On a sun porch, we moved from window to window, battening the house down against an oncoming summer storm. Atticus, who everyone calls Tuck, was spread out on the couch in the next room, drawing a comic book.

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    8. Iris drifted in and out. This summer, she spent a week at a writing program in Virginia until, in a very Cronin-like twist, a devastating windstorm forced her and her classmates to evacuate. She was still working on the novel she began there, she told me.

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