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Because of his serious illness doctors forbade him from playing and of course he didn't listen. But later he realized by himself he couldn't go on. He couldn't handle the strain on his nerves and put the chessboard away, even though he could never put it out of his mind.

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I had the privilege of having a few late night discussions with the man I looked up to. Always without a bottle - Planinc drank very little if at all, although he knew almost everything about wines. And not only that.

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He was a man without formal education - he dropped out of High School - nut was nevertheless very knowledgeable about many things, all self-taught. At those late hours I learned more about chess and many other things than ever before or since. In the next few years Planinc gradually retired from chess.

In the 90's he was rarely heard of and even those few stories weren't chess-related. Everywhere I traveled chess players from all over the World would ask me about Bine pet name version of Albin. How is he, does he still play any games? Yes, games! Those ensured his place in history. And with results: he won the first Vidmar Memorial in Oh, how he exploded onto the scene with his sensational win. He won an Olympic medal with a brilliant performance in Nice But more than anything else, Planinc was famous for his games.

They were a result of an unbelievable and inimitable attitude to chess. Planinc would honourably play every game until all opportunities were exhausted and in doing so he cared not about the name nor the strength of the opponent. Such an attitued brought many unnecessary losses but also many wins.

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  8. His were usually very beautiful and pleasing for the casual fan. We cared least for him at home. How the Dutch adored him, for example, as he kept declining draws in one tournament and managed the impossible when he lost a 2. Which in turn brought him a legion of fans in a nation that loves the game. There are many such stories, Planinc will alyays be a part of chess history, even though he didn't achieve anything really important.

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    In Slovenia we always took him for granted, like these people were a dime a dozen. And so were his last years sad and lonely. When we last spoke on the phone his voice was trembling and he could barely say anything. I knew the end of his path was nigh. Even so I was completely devastated when I learned the sad news. With a few days' delay, in his final years Planinc would very rarely talk about chess.

    Still I believe his thoughts were filled with the black and white squares.

    Lot of turkish delights in chess order.

    And the 32 pieces, which he would only move in his mind. Rest in peace, the greatest. Chess players will always remember you! I remember he was the one who organized a charity to fund a statue of Planinc, sadly he wasn't deemed important enough otherwise. I did corroborate the moves for Mr. I also found that Mr. I'd love to validate these games by reference to some reliable printed history or collection somewhere, if such resources exist.

    Thank you again for your kind and helpful efforts. Kind regards. Planinc really deserves a good, well researched book. It would be fascinating.

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    The polo shirt and digital watch certainly bespeak to me, but I respect your point of view. GM Nikola Padevsky won the Acropolis International at Athens in , so I had thought perhaps he was the unseen opponent playing White, but I've yet to find any reliable information about that tournament. Is that the Bulgarian flag next to White? It looks to be, but I'm not wholly sure. I believe "Atenas" is Spanish for "Athens. Hope this isn't a tempest in a teapot, but games and appearances by Mr. Clarifying and augmenting the historical record, even in a modest way, is also important -- especially for a player so justly revered in his glory days yet so unjustly forgotten in his desuetude as Albin Planinc was.

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    Nc3 Bg7 4. Nf3 O-O 6. Be2 e5 7. O-O Nc6 8. Ne1 Nd7 Nd3 f5 Bd2 Nf6 Rc1 Ng6 Nf2 Ng5 Nb5 f3 Qe1 Qf6 Rc7 Bd7 Qc1 Nh3 Nh3 Qh4 Qe1 Qh3 Kf2 Qh4 Ke3 Bh6 Rf4 ef4 Kd4 Qf6 Kc4 Bb5 Kb5 Rc7 Qb1 Qd4 Amazing Phrase Mazes: Volume Five. Many interesting Many interesting topics and themes are covered and the solver is rewarded with a satisfying sense of discovery. Phrase Mazes can be enjoyed without pencils, erasers or Amazing Phrase Mazes - Vol.

    Caution: Soul Mate Ahead! Janet and Michael present four thought-provoking and powerful stories of actual soul mate relationships. These stories are told in a touching manner, with the cooperation and Dave: The Drummer's Tale. An earthy but affectionate portrayal of an old school musician in a new musical and An earthy but affectionate portrayal of an old school musician in a new musical and social world.

    Good Night New Jersey. From the Jersey Shore to the Palisades, this charming board book captures the true spirit From the Jersey Shore to the Palisades, this charming board book captures the true spirit of the Garden State. Young children will be captivated by the memorable sites and attractions New Jersey offers, including the Atlantic Ocean and sandy beaches, How We Lead: Canada in a Century of. Nc3 Nd4 9. Next Next post: Cut Out and Keep. But Nature would not submit to any such dictation, and at last the long-threatened breakdown occurred, fortunately when it was too late to deprive the champion of the Tournament of his well-merited honours.

    Tim Harding informs us that " Almost certainly, this was laudanum, a tincture of opium. II, Warsaw , pp.

    IM Silman too, in his Johannes Zukertort article. And generally this Zukertort's habit is treated as something known, but I would really like to find a prime source for it.

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    The London tourney book continues with some analysis of this game against Mackenzie. I couldn't help but notice the score progression. The tournament was a double round, but if a drawn game occurred, it would be repeated max 3 times till one's win. According to the tourney book, Zukertort lost the 3 last games starting with the one vs Mackenzie on Jun 13, having till the end 22 points.

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    Meaning that as games of Jun 13 were starting Zukertort had already secured the tournament's win by 1 point. He was considered one of the best in blindfold chess and his memory skill was admired. The Brooklyn Chess Chronicle [ , p. Really briefly: US started to encounter an opium problem in the society since the late s, located mainly in the so-called opium dens. The problem seemed to be known and severe, as inter alia I've also tracked an advertisement for opium habit treatment in a newspaper.

    But opiates could be sold in drugstores. Courtwright in Dark paradise, p.