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For so many months, he was so sick, and unable to even move his arms and legs. I was killing cancer. We thought there was no way Andre could go through this much chemo and radiation—again—and still be on the field in So to see him go out for that first practice ….

I would sit down at the piano and I would just start to play. And I would really just begin to sing my way into the truth, I would begin to declare healing over my body.

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My understanding of the main work of healing is receiving love, and opening up to that. Medical treatments complement that, and can support that.

Wound Healing Part 1

But the essence of healing is really opening up to love in the world. Healing starts from within yourself.

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The process is aided by the surroundings and people you choose. You want to make choices that are healthy, mentally and physically, for your mind and body. Donate to CaringBridge.

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Exploring the Topic of Healing. Not everything that counts can be counted. And so it is with healing. To explore something easier to see than define, we set out on a journey to distill and share the wisdom of healing from CaringBridge families across the country. Read More.

Our Efforts to Heal the Ozone Layer Are Finally Paying Off

Watch Life Lessons from Health Journeys. Watch and listen to how good and decent people describe, in their own words, what healing looks like - to them. Even with uncertain health outcomes, they have chosen to heal. There is much to learn from these life lessons. Here at Preside Life, we teach a very specific, unique method for helping people heal this type of wound, gently and privately.

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I guarantee that by the end of this 6-minute briefing, you will already feel better, and will have a clear path for how to fully heal this wound in your own life, once and for all. Get the full Preside Meditation Open Study Group, an week email series with our most popular tips and exercises, to help you calm your restless mind, heal inner wounds, and live with bliss. We can send this note to you. The Path of Healing. This entire series is free and you can unsubscribe at any time.